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We are happy to organise this international retreat in the beautiful retreat center of El Escorial
we will enjoy coming together of different cultures to celebrate the deep truth of our

¿What is ZhiNeng QiGong?

This is a great opportunity to enjoy teacher’s Jianshe amazing Qi field and his loving pure
heart , To benefit from his deep wisdom , rare abilities and many years of experiance
His teaching is direct ,intuitive simple and full of heart, in his presence all the Unnecessary falls off with no effort, in the peaceful simple stillness he brings you can transform.
He will remind you,by self example, who you are when you stop asking why,where & when

About the teacher- LIU JIANSHE

Born in China in 1960, Zhineng Qigong found him in November 1989 in Beijing, when he had lost his job, his money and his health was not very good.

“During the first day of practice in the park with a group, I entered a state of satisfaction that lasted almost a month. I practiced every morning in the park after that.

Naturally, our hearts can be wide open when one has nothing at all. At the same time, you can see the beauty; the truth of oneself.

I attended Dr. Ming Pang’s center (Huaxía Center) for three months. There I enrolled in the teacher training course from June 1 to 1 September 1991. I was elected to be a professor 3 months later.

My opinion about healing has totally changed after seeing so many people cured by practicing Qigong alone; even if they were totally desperate and in hospital.  I interviewed some of them and they mostly agreed: just practice from your heart…

I also saw some less successful heals and the reasons were almost the same in reverse: his inner power was not turned on; they trusted the masters and always tried to find power from outside.

I have discovered that it is possible to turn Qigong into a kind of religion, something separate from oneself, this happens when people just follow their teachers and forget to follow your own heart.

I worked at the Huaxia Center three times: from September 1991 to November 1992; April 1995 to January 1996; I worked on children’s retreats between July 1999 and August 1999 at the Huaxia Center, I received more benefits by offering children’s retreats. Children’s hearts are pure, they can still see the truth.
I opened my own Qigong center with my team on Hainan Island in December 2003. We landed on the island with only our luggage. We didn’t know anyone on the island and we didn’t know where we should live. We follow our intuition and totally trust our choice. And now we live in our own center, it is in front of the lake and it is surrounded by a forest of coconut trees”

I believe that we can all achieve our wishes!

Retreat Program

of Yi Yuan Ti, Consciousness of the Heart and information
in the present moment to make everything possible now
❖ Peng Qi Guan Ding Fa- LQUPQD & La Qi
❖ Experimenting for opening paranormal abilities
❖ Teaching on the 8 phrases of Dr Pang

Date:  From Friday 9 to Thursday 15 December 2022

Place: Casa Fuentenueva – San Lorenzo del Escorial (Madrid)

Schedule: We recommended arrival December 9 in the morning. We start at 17.00 pm.
The retreat ends December 15 at 13:30 ( last lunch is included)
Approximate schedule and subject to change by the organization or the teacher:

07:45-08:30 morning practice with Yoann/Rafa/Ronit
08:45-09:30 Breakfast
10:00-13:30 Practice with Liu
13:30-16:30 Lunch and rest
16:30-19:30 Practice with Liu
19:30 Dinner

Price: 750€ (For couples : 100 Euro discount for the second person)
Includes training and full board accommodation in a single room with its own bathroom.
A signal of 175€ will be requested
you must pay the balance in cash at arrival

Do you have any questions or would you like more information?
Contact us by whatsapp at

+34 626547400 (RAFA)
+97 2543090030 (RONIT ADAR)
+33 62585254225 (YOANN)
or complete the following form

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